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VINH is a sprawling grey city with a sad past, sitting astride Highway 1 – which throws up dust and a steady trickle of tourists breaking their journey between Hué and Hanoi or heading to or from Laos. Soviet-style apartment blocks and socialist town planning on a grand scale may hold a certain historical interest, but there's nothing attractive about the town and for most people its saving grace is a selection of reasonable-standard hotels.

Nevertheless, the province of Nghe An savours its proud history, having spawned a wealth of revolutionary figures, many of them enshrined in street names: Le Hong Phong, Nguyen Thi Minh Khai, Phan Boi Chau and, top of the list, Ho Chi Minh. Ho's birthplace and childhood home are found in Kim Lien Village, 14km from Vinh, a place of pilgrimage for Vietnamese, though rather sterile for most foreign visitors.

Cua Lo beach resort lies 19km north of the city, comprising a straggle of overpriced hotels beside a long, unspoilt beach with good white sand.

Vinh Airport is located in Vinh city. It is a mixed military/civil airport. It used to be one of the two major military airbases in Vietnam besides Gia Lam Airbase in Hanoi.


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