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Haiphong is Vietnam's fourth largest city, a port near Hanoi (about one & half hour drive from Hanoi Town center). Vietnam Airlines and Jetstar both service Hai Phong from Cat Bi International Airport. Hai Phong is a port and industrial city in northern Vietnam and is a coastal city in northern coastal areas, was one of 28 provinces / cities coast.

Hai Phong is one of five central cities and an urban center of a national level, has an important position in economic and social security, national the regional office and country. As a port city and the main gateway of our country's vital sea, is an important traffic hub of key economic region of Tonkin, on two corridors - one economic cooperation belt Vietnam - China. Haiphong is a traffic hub in the North Sea.

With the advantage of deep-water port should be shipping very developed, and is one of the growth of key economic areas north. As the economic center - scientific - technical synthesis of the northern coastal region and is one of the central development of the northern key economic region and the whole country.

As a port city and industrial and modern urban center is the country level, an important traffic hub and the main gateway of the North Sea; an important growth pole in the dynamic economic region in the North ; a key maritime economy; one industrial center, the country's major commercial and service centers, tourism, fisheries, education and health of the North Coast.

Visitors to Haiphong not only involved in tourism activities are very interesting as the question, canoeing kayaking, night squid fishing, biking, hiking, rock climbing, sightseeing, exploring caves, scenic, historic ... but also involved in many Nightlife service entertainment - entertainment is very attractive as grass ski, golf set, watch water puppet show ...


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